Ebisoba Ichigen at Hokkaido Ramen Dojo

There are a lot of popular ramen shops in Sapporo. Among them, I introduce “Ebisoba Ichigen”, one of my favorite Ramen shops recently. “Ebisoba Ichigen”‘s central branch is located in Sapporo city center, and a branch shop is even located in Tokyo, however the most convenient branch for travellers to Hokkaido would be New Chitose airport branch.
If you come to the international terminal in New Chitose airport, you need to move to the domestic terminal which has the shopping zone and restaurants area. Reaching 3rd floor of the domestic terminal, you could find “Hokkaido Ramen Dojo” many popular ramen shops are gathering. “Ebisoba Ichigen” is just standing very close to the entrance of it.ichigen1

By the way, the characteristic of ramen by “Ebisoba Ichigen” is the noodle soup made of prawn just as the shop name implies. (Ebi in Japanese means prawn). You can select a favorite taste from three kinds, Ebi shoyu, Ebi miso and Ebi shio, and also choose the thickness of each soup such as Sonomama, a standard prawn soup, Hodohodo, a prawn + pork based Tonkotsu soup and Ajiwai which is much thicker taste of Hodohodo. The shop has the menu in English, Chinese and Korean, so it is easy to order any ramen for people who don’t understand Japanese too.

Ramen offered by “Ebisoba Ichigen” may not like traditional Hokkaido Ramen, but once you try it, may be addicted it like me! Unfortunately, the chance we can eat it is only on the occasion we stay in Japan because “Ebisoba Ichigen” has no overseas branches, however it offers packed ramen which enable us to get at the supermarkets in Sapporo. If you buy it, can also try the authentic Ebisoba Ichigen Ramn at your own country. I actually get some when I go back to Sapporo and bring them back to China where I currently live in. The process to cook this packed ramen is different from ordinary instant noodle as noodle and soup need to be boiled separately, and noodle type used is fresh type rather than dry type like normal instant noodle. It takes more time consumed to prepare a bawl of ramen than normal instant noodle, but the taste is much close to the one we try at the actual ramen shop.
I also recommend the packed ramen as a souvenir for friends who especially like Japanese food.


Ebisoba Ichigen

Address: 3F New Chitose Airport domestic terminal
Open: 10:00-21:00

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2 Responses

  1. Lipika says:

    Hi! I have been gifted a pack of this, but the instructions are in Japanese. Please can you help me with them in English? Thanks.

    • snowy owl says:

      Thanks for your comment! I have threw the package with instruction away already, but most of packed Japanese ramens are usually cooked as below.
      1, Prepare boiled water in a pot
      2, Put noodle in the pot after the water is boiled and keep it boiling for approximately 5 minutes (Instruction on the package should be mentioning exact minutes, “5分” means 5 minutes, ”10分” means 10 minutes )
      3, For ramen soup, please open the pack of soup base writtten with “スープ” and put them in a bowl during boiling noodle
      4, Add boiled water(separately boiled or the one after the noolde is boiled) into the soup base to finalise ramen soup
      5, Put noodle itself into the ramen soup on “4”
      6, Add boiled egg, thin roasted pork, seaweed and green onions on the noodle per your preference
      *The most important thing to cook this ramen is separately boiling between noodle and soup. It is different from the way of cooking for general type of instant noodle. Hope you enjoy Sapporo ramen!

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