A delicious Taiyaki, fish shaped pancake shop creating long queue in Sapporo

Generally speaking, there are not so many restaurants or shops where people need to wait in a long queue in Sapporo. It’s because most restaurants in Sapporo serve nice foods and any restaurant usually meets customer’s high expectation. Local people has no much experience to line up to enter restaurants, rather reluctant to spend more time before eating.But of course, some of restaurants or shops in Sapporo also requires queues because of prominent good reputation by many local customers.
Tokachi Daimyo Sapporo Esta Branch, offering Japanese traditional dessert is one of such popular shops that generate queues. Waiting time per person is not very long, but customers coming one after another create long queue in front of the shop every weekend. You can see the process Taiyaki is being made through a window before yours are baked, and of course, you can take out the freshly baked one. The characteristics of Taiyaki produced by Tokachi Daimyo are crispy surface and sweet bean paste made by red bean from Tokachi area of Hokkaido.
Taiyaki is a Japanese traditional popular dessert for long years throughout Japan. It’s not a Hokkaido specialty, but Taiyaki by Tokachi Daimyo has been ranked as No.1 of “Most recommend Taiyaki” by Nikkei news paper, one of the most popular Japanese news paper. I also recommend even people who have tried Taiyaki at other shops before or people who are tend to avoid lining up. The taste would not disappoint you!

Ranked as No.1 Taiyaki in Nikkei news paper

Tokachi Daimyo Sapporo Esta Branch
Address: Esta B1, Kita 5 Nishi 1, Chuo Ku, Sapporo
Open: 10:00-20:30

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