Discount ticket for JR – Move from Sapporo to other cities in Hokkaido

If you are interested in exploring some cities in Hokkaido from Sapporo by JR, would be better to get a discount ticket in advance. It is not available at all areas in Hokkaido, but in case you are planning to visit to major cities like Asahikawa, Hakodate or Obihiro etc. , you can take advantage of some kinds of cheaper train tickets to reach there.
The places you can buy such discount ticket are travel agents or ticket counters in JR station called as “Midori no Madoguchi(みどりの窓口)”. If you starts the trip from Sapporo, I recommend to get the tickets at  “Hokkaido-Sapporo Tourist Information Center” English speaker is stationed.
JR is offering various kinds of cheaper tickets so far, then I listed some major types of discount tickets below. Should you want to know more detail about each ticket or plan to go to other cities rather than below destinations, please directly ask staffs at Midori no Madoguchi.

From/ToTo/FromName of available discount ticket
(In Japanese)
Discount ticket price for limited express
(Discount ticket + additional limited express fee)
Original ticket price for limited expressEffective priod for the discount ticketNotes
SapporoAsashikawaR Ticket
11 days
Non-reserved seat
SapporoNoboribetsuDiscount round trip ticket
6 days
Non-reserved seat
SapporoTouyaDiscount round trip ticket
7 days
Non-reserved seat
SapporoObihiroDiscount round trip ticket
10 days
Reserved seat
SapporoHakodateDiscount round trip ticket
8 days
Reserved seat
SapporoKushiroDiscount round trip ticket
9 days
Reserved seat

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