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Ajisai at Hokkaido Ramen Dojo

I found a delicious ramen shop which becomes one of my favorite ramen restaurants in Hokkaido. Ajisai, this ramen restaurant was born in Hakodate, in south Hokkaido more than 80 years ago, which now...


Ebisoba Ichigen at Hokkaido Ramen Dojo

There are a lot of popular ramen shops in Sapporo. Among them, I introduce “Ebisoba Ichigen”, one of my favorite Ramen shops recently. “Ebisoba Ichigen”‘s central branch is located in Sapporo city center, and a...


Eat Miso ramen at Yoshino

Speaking of Sapporo local food, most travellers may come up with Ramen first. Sapporo especially has a lot of Ramen restaurants, and it is said there are more than 600 ramen restaurants in the...