Hokkaido local foods and drinks Vol.4

Soft ice cream is very common and you can find it everywhere in Hokkaido. I recommended Hakko Gakuen farmars market in the previous post as my best soft ice cream in Sapporo before. The soft ice cream there is really delicious, but the shop is close during winter season (usually from December to early April) . In addition that, Read More

100 Yen Shop Seria – 4 Chome Plaza Branch

Now is the time to introduce my favorite 100 yen shop, Seria after posted two majors of 100 yen shop, Daiso and Cando more than a year ago. I finally found Seria, the Japanese second largest 100 shop chain at Sapporo central area when I stayed in Sapporo for new year holiday this year. Read More

How to get cheaper winter clothes in Sapporo

I got a question about reasonable way to get cheaper winter outfit in this blog’s comment, so took research by myself and asked my friends for better answer in these a few days. It might not be the best answer, but I hope information could be helpful for you.
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Kitaca, Sapica or Suica, which one is the most useful transportation card in Sapporo?

When getting public transportations in Japan, IC transportation card is commonly used overall Japanese major cities. An advantage of IC card against single ticket is a simple ticketing system that allow you to keep using same one card as long as top-up on it while single ticket is required to purchase for every single destination. Further more,Read More

What to wear in Hokkaido in winter (Jan to Feb)

Jan to Feb is the season having with a lot of snow as well as the lowest temperature in a year. Cold days with temperature which doesn’t reach 0℃ keep continuing in whole this period. It’s often around 0℃ even in South part of Hokkaido like Hakodate which is much warmer than other part of Hokkaido as well. Read More

What to wear in Hokkaido in winter (Nov to Dec)

When it comes to Nov, the temperature rapidly falls and the lowest is below 10℃ in most areas in Hokkaido until mid Nov. After late Nov, it becomes below 0℃ and even the highest temperature is lower than 5℃. The first snow also falls in late Oct to early Nov every year. If you plan to come to Hokkaido in this period, may be able to see such a fresh snow by chance.
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Welcome! HOKKAIDO, Japan. ~Special promotion for travel to Hokkaido~

I got a big news about special promotion for travel to Hokkaido today!(28 Sep 2018)
As long as you stay in Hokkaido, 70% of accommodation fee per night are deducted from original price up to five nights. (Maximum deduction is JPY 20,000 per night)
When you book a hotel via selected travel agencies, the price offered to you is supposed to be the discounted price, which means you may just pay the offering price without no any application or procedure to utilize this promotion.
This special discount for the accommodation fee is one of “Welcome! HOKKAIDO, Japan.” promotion by the government to support Hokkaido after the earth quake and it starts from 1 Oct 2018*.(* This promotion actually started on 1 Oct, but the main target of this first round is Japanese local tourists. It is said another promotion especially for foreign tourists will start from mid Oct)
I will update here if any new discount plan or valuable information is released.
Now, the season of autumn is my favorite season, so I strongly hope more and more people come in and enjoy Hokkaido!

Detail about the special discount for the accommodation fee named as “Hokkaido Fukko wari” in Japanese released by Japan Tourism Agency


[Updated below on 22 Nov 2018]
Big discount accommodation plans have been released by HANKYU TRAVEL!
1.Sapporo A Plan
* Price:JPY 8,800 per person for 2 Nights with 2 breakfasts!
* Hotel:Either Monterey Edelhof Sapporo, Hotel Monterey Sapporo or ANA Crown Plaza Hotel Sapporo (These three hotels are all close to JR Sapporo station)
* Period:17 Dec 2018~26 Feb 2019
* Details and booking –>http://traveltojapan.hankyu-travel.com/en/tour/detail_d.php?p_course_id=HF001Z&p_hei=99

2.Sapporo B Plan
* Price:JPY 7,800 per person for 2 Nights with 2 breakfasts!
* Hotel:Either New Otani Inn Sapporo, Hotel Gracery Sapporo or Sapporo Tobu Hotel (These three hotels are located in Sapporo city center)
* Period:17 Dec 2018~26 Feb 2019
* Details and booking –>http://traveltojapan.hankyu-travel.com/en/tour/detail_d.php?p_course_id=HF002Z&p_hei=99

3. Otaru Plan
* Price:JPY 12,000 per person for 2 Nights with 2 breakfasts!
* Hotel:Hotel Sonia Otaru
* Period:17 Dec 2018~26 Feb 2019
* Details and booking –>http://traveltojapan.hankyu-travel.com/en/tour/detail_d.php?p_course_id=HF003Z&p_hei=99

[Updated below on 20 Oct 2018]
I’ve finally found two websites offering the promotion products for Hokkaido accommodations and package tours.
japanican.com: https://www.japanican.com/en/special/campaign/discount/WelcomeHOKKAIDO/index.aspx
JTB Singapore: https://www.jtb.com.sg/hokkaido-fukko-recovery-discount/

Both websites are actually owned by JTB group which is one of the biggest Japanese travel agencies. JTB has a lot of group companies over the world, so now you may be better to directly ask your country’s JTB staff in details. They possibly have helpful information for you.
I believe more travel agencies will join this promotion activity later because Hokkaido travel relevant organization just started to look for travel agencies which will sell the discount travel products for foreign tourists from this week. They haven’t mentioned how many travel agencies would sell the discount products in future, but would not be only one or two agencies like current situation. I continuously check the relevant information.

[Updated below on 4 Oct 2018]
After a few days the promotion started, information revealed about “Hokkaido Fukko wari” especially for foreign tourists are still not clearly announced except above original news.
What I got about “Hokkaido Fukko wari” after 1 Oct is just as follows. I hope it would be somehow useful information for you.

When can we take advantage of the promotion, “Hokkaido Fukko wari”?
The first program was released on 1 Oct, but its major target is Japanese domestic tourists. (Information was announced only in Japanese and the discount rate is same or lower than that for foreign tourists)
The second program will be released in mid Oct and the targets would be both domestic and overseas tourists.

Where should we go to get “Hokkaido Fukko wari” before booking hotel?
Not officially announced about the second program yet.
The first program was released as the discount voucher at Japanese travel agencies website such as
Rakuten: https://travel.rakuten.co.jp/special/prj/201809/?scid=af_pc_etc&sc2id=af_103_1_10000645 ,
Jalan: https://www.jalan.net/discountCoupon/CAM9708503/ and
Rurubu: https://rurubu.travel/theme/area/local18/18a0108/?utm_source=valuecommerce&utm_medium=affiliate.
It is said other travel agencies including China and Korea’s travel companies would also join the second program, but not determined yet.

How can we utilize “Hokkaido Fukko wari” to book hotel?
Not officially announced about the second program yet.
It is just for your reference, but as mentioned above, discount vouchers with limited number were distributed on some travel agencies websites at the first program. Once any traveler get the voucher, she/he needs to choose one in the selected hotels and make reservation in the same website so that the discount amount could be deducted from original hotel fare.
I will update once any news about the second program come in!


[Updated below on 1 Oct 2018]
Japanese aviation companies also released some promotions for travel to Hokkaido.

Ticket of Japan domestic flight to Hokkaido is offered with 88% discount at maximum such as JPY 7,200 for Fukuoka to Sapporo.
Special voucher for flight & hotel package will be also released from 5 Oct according to JAL official website.
You can get more details in its website(In Japanese) https://www.jal.co.jp/dom/special/hokkaido-ouen/

Some promotion ticket types are released. JPY 6,400 for Tokyo to Sapporo (Original price JPY 9,200 before discount) and JPY 7,900 for Osaka to Sapporo (Original price JPY 9,000 before discount) are one of the cheapest ticket types.
You can check details at ANA’s official website(In Japanese). https://www.ana.co.jp/ja/jp/domestic/promotions/special-info/hokkaido-150/

AIRDO, a Hokkaido based aviation company is also offering special promotion ticket from Tokyo to Sapporo or other cities in Hokkaido. The promotion ticket, “Welcome to HOKKAIDO Fare” is JPY 5,400, which is very cheap compared to the original price of JPY 8,800.

You can check the details at AIRDO official website(In English)

* The top page still keeps showing the original price, but you can find current price at the booking page.

Current condition in Sapporo after the earth quake on 6 Sep 2018 (as of 16 Sep 2018 )

As you may know, a big earth quake hit Hokkaido in the early morning on 6 Sep 2018. The epicenter is 65km away from Sapporo, but Sapporo city or other areas in Hokkaido also took some damages like blackout or water outage for some hours occurred by the earth quake.
I was coincidentally in Sapporo when the earth quake hit. Let me explain the situation immediately after the earthquake and current condition in Sapporo as it may become useful information for those who plan to visit Sapporo in the near future. Read More

5 tips for driving in Hokkaido

When it comes to travel around Hokkaido, I would honestly say most recommended transportation is car. It’s because buses and JR are not very convenient in most country sides and we have to wait for one or more hours depending on the destinations. It seems a waste of time. When you or anyone who accompanies you drive a car in Hokkaido, can move around any place and any time. Read More

5 Tips to try local hair salons in Japan

I’m guessing some people who are planning travel to Japan might be interested in trying Japanese local hair salon. (Actually, my husband is such a person. He is always interested in local hair salon when we go travel abroad…..) However, some of them would be worry about the difference between usual way in the own country and Japan style, or the result which may be far from your ideal hair style.
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