100 Yen Shop Can Do-Sapporo Esta Branch

100 Yen Shop Can Do Esta branch is a shop I visit every time when I go shopping around Sapporo Ekimae area.
As it is located in the same building as uniqro and bic camera, a large electrical appliance store, which is directly linked to subway staion, most foreign tourists are also able to find it easily.
The size of 100 Yen Shop Can Do Esta branch is not so big as 100 Yen Shop Daiso-Sapporo Chuo Branch , but most daily used items such as stationary, kitchen goods and beauty and health related items are available at the store. The items I recommend to get here is foods including snacks and even seasonings. If you are interested in cooking Japanese food, you can get basic Japanese seasonings like Wasabi at JPY 108 here without going for a further shopping at any supermarket. Many types of snacks and candies made in Japan are sold, which would be suitable as souvenirs for friends and even for yourself.
Except some excluding items, almost all goods in 100 Yen Shop Can Do Esta branch are sold at 108 yen(inc VAT)as well as other brand of 100 yen shops.

100 Yen Shop Can Do-Sapporo Esta branch

Address:B2 Sapporo Esta, Kita 5 Nishi 2, Chuo Ku, Sapporo
Open: 9:00-21:00

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