Hokkaido local foods and drinks vol.3

“Sujiko” taste rice ball (Middle in above photo)
There are a lot of foods and drinks sold only in Hokkaido.
For example, it would be difficult to find “Sujiko” rice ball in other areas in Japan except Hokkaido. Rice ball is very familiar as a traditional food for most Japanese people, which generally includes pickled plums(Umeboshi), fish flakes(Katsuobushi) or salmon in its inside. In Hokkaido, “Sujiko”, salmon roe is also very popular taste of rice ball. “Sujiko” is quite similar to “Ikura” which is also salmon roe and often eaten in Sushi, but “Sujiko” with a bit salty taste rather matches white rice.

Guarana (Right in above photo)
Guarana is a famous beverage as a drink sold only in Hokkaido.
It is similar to the taste of Coca Cola, on the other hand, Guarana has original aroma that attracts many fans after tried. As there is almost no chance to encounter Guarana aside from Hokkaido, I recommend to try it once you visit to Hokkaido.

Dairy products(Left in above photo)
Phrases such as “Using milk produced in Hokkaido ” have been seen for the desserts sold even outside Japan. If you visit to Hokkaido, I especially recommend to try milk itself, ice creams and desserts using fresh cream. It is often said even ordinary milk or ice cream sold at general local supermarkets and convenience stores in Hokkaido are very tasty. In Hokkaido, Japan’s No 1 milk producing land, you can easy to get cheaper and higher quality dairy foods.

Three kinds of foods, “Sujiko” taste rice ball, Guarana and Dairy products I explained above are all available at Seico mart, a Hokkaido local convenience store chain. Seico mart is very familiar to local people for long years and its outlets are located at Sapporo and country side in Hokkaido. Comparing to other major convenience stores such as seven eleven and family mart, Seico mart is especially dealing Hokkaido local products with its original brand. If you visit to Seico mart, can also see many kinds of dried fishes introduced in my previous post, Hokkaido local foods and drinks vol.2. It can be also said very convenient shop to get small souvenirs on the last day of the travel.
You can easily find that the Seico mart’s appearance with orange color is standing out!

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