My best soft ice cream in Sapporo – Hakko Gakuen farmars market

Let me share my favourite soft ice cream in Sapporo in this post because ordinary tourist information doesn’t include it and it’s really really delicious!
The ice cream shop located in a farmers market is operated by Hokkaido Junior College Of Agriculture and it also sells vegetable that farmers working in Sapporo suburbs grow.
Milk used to make the ice cream is just brought from cows which are carefully grew up by students of junior college, and the taste of the ice cream is not like normal vanilla but fresh milk itself.


Most common customers there are local people who has been eating delicious ice cream since childhood. As you may know, fresh milk or ice cream is one of the specialties in Hokkaido, and most of them are very tasty even if you eat it anywhere in Hokkaido. I also agree with an opinion that all ice cream in Hokkaido is much delicious than the one tried in Tokyo or other big cities in Japan, but not a few Sapporo citizens assume ice cream at Hakko Gakuen farmers market is ranked as number one.
The shop is located in Tsukisamu district, a residential area in Sapporo, just 30 min drive away from Sapporo railway station. It is not a big farming area like Furano or Biei, but scenery around the farmers market is as if in a remote area surrounded by nature. Once you visits there, you would fall in love with the environment as well as the taste of soft ice cream !
*Unfortunately, the ice cream is not sold during winter (normally from Nov to mid Apr)


Hakko Gakuen Farmers Market
Address: 1-12, 2-13 Tsukisamu Higashi, Toyohira, Sapporo
Open: 10:00~17:00
*The ice cream is only sold in the period from late Apr to Oct.

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