Hokkaido local foods and drinks vol.1

Introducing here is some Hokkaido local food we cannot get even other areas in Japan.
Those food only available in Hokkaido is very popular for local people with certified taste, so may be reasonable souvenir to your friends as well as eating by yourself.

Dried Komai fish(むしりこまい)

Komai fish is written as 氷下魚 in Chinese character, which means fish under ice. It lives under cold sea , so is common fish for Hokkaido local people though it would not be popular for most Japanese people. The taste of grilled Komai fish is similar to grilled cod fish as both of them belongs to same classification of fish. By the way, this dried Komai fish is often eat when we drink alcohols as the tast mathes Japanese sake or even beer.
Not a few local people like to dip mayonnaise on it. If you have a chance to get dried Komai fish, I recommend to enjoy both original taste and the taste with mayonnaise!

Dried salmon(鮭スティック、とば)

Dried salmon is also very popular snack in Hokkaido, but uncommon food for most Japanese people. If you like seafood especially love raw salmon, try the dried salmon as well! As you see, the colour of salmon between dried one and raw one is different, so you may not notice the dried one is made by salmon at first sight.
The texture of dried salmon is hard, but the more you bite, the better it tastes!

Both dried Komai fish and dried salmon are sold at convenient stores and supermarkets in Hokkaido.

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