Hokkaido local foods and drinks vol.2

There are a lot of famous cakes, cookies, chocolates and other types of confectionaries in Hokkaido. Among them, NAMA CHOCOLATE by Royce and SHIROI KOIBITO by Ishiya are bought by tourists as souvenirs of Hokkaido or as one of the most popular Japanese snacks.
Compared to NAMA CHOCOLATE and SHIROI KOIBITO which are sold in other areas in Japan, some snacks with tasty and famous for local people are only sold in Hokkaido. Introduceing here is such local special snacks. Those are eaten by local hokkaido people as familiar snacks for long years, on the other hand, would become suitable souvenirs for tourists as Hokkaido’s specialities

Marusei butter sand
Marusei butter sand is a cookie produced by Rokkatei which is one of the famous confectionary shops in Hokkaido. You can enjoy the taste with rich butter cream and raisins sanded by moist cookies. It has been always ranked in top 10 of the most popular snacks, in other word, “must-buy snacks” sold in new Chitose airport.

Marimo Yokan (Marino shaped sweet bean past jelly)
Marimo Yokan is mainly sold at shops around Lake Akan and some shops in Hokkaido area are also dealing with it. It’s shape is resembling Marimo, one of the nationally protected species in Japan. The taste is similar to traditional Yokan, but this unique shape attracts many tourists. As Marimo Yokan is covered by transparent thin rubber, you need to pierce it by a toothpick as if breaking balloon when you take inside out to eat it. This interesting process for eating is also attracting many people.

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