Hokkaido local foods and drinks Vol.3-2

Not only Hokkaido local companies, Japanese major beverage companies also sell area limited products in Hokkaido. Drinks introducing here are all available at supermarkets or convenient stores, so you can enjoy them at the hotel room during travel or even bring back to your home country as one of souvenirs.

Sapporo Classic by Sapporo Breweries Ltd.
Hearing the words “Sapporo”, not a few people may come up with Sapporo beer first. Though it is named as “Sapporo”, most Sapporo beer brand products are sold all over Japan, even seen many places in the world. The exception is Sapporo Classic and you can only buy it in Hokkaido. Sapporo Classic is a beer produced from 100% malt and not including auxiliary ingredients, which especially matches made-in-Hokkaido foods such as fresh seafoods and vegetables.
Convenience stores in Sapporo are keeping this product as ordinary items, so you can easily get them.

Katsugen by Megmilk Snow Brand
Who knows Katsugen? Anyone knows what Katsugen is? People excepting those who are from Hokkaido would have no idea about this drink, but it is very familiar to Hokkaido local. Many people say the taste is similar to Yakult, but it still has original fragrance and flavor along with bit sournesss and sweetness. The taste with not too sweet has been attracting many fans. We can find Katsugen at supermarkets and convenience stores in Hokkaido.

Fire milk taste limited in Hokkaido by Kirin Company
When I went to Asahikawa, found a Hokkaido limited edition of popular brand canned coffee in the vending machine at Sapporo station. Fire milk taste limited in Hokkaido looked as usual types of canned coffee sold everywhere, but it was actually described as Hokkaido limited on the can. Sugar and milk added into the coffee are made-in-Hokkaido and the canned coffee is sold only in Hokkaido. Milk produced in Hokkaido is used in various tasty products and even seen them in other countries, meanwhile, sugar produced in Hokkaido is not as popular as milk. In addition to rich taste of Hokkaido milk and fresh cream, the mildly sweet sugar are making the nice taste. Fire milk taste limited in Hokkaido is a mild taste milk coffee, so those who don’t like the bitter taste of coffee could even try it.

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