The earliest bus and JR from Sapporo to new Chitose airport (as of Apr 2018)

If you don’t join any group tour, then visit in Hokkaido individually, public transportation from/ to New Chitose airport is the most common way to reach/depart Sapporo downtown. As previous my post, bus and JR are popular ways for both local people and tourists so far.
I got a question about the earliest bus from Sapporo to the airport, so also post the answer here as well.
According to the official website of the bus company, the earliest bus to New Chitose airport departs Sapporo railway station at 5:15 a.m and reaches Odori area around 5:18 a.m and Susukino area around 5:24 a.m. It takes about 80 minutes from Odori area and 70 minutes from Susukino to the airport under normal road condition. However, when it falls heavy snow, more cars move slowly and sometimes highway will close. Under this situation, it takes more time to reach the airport. If you go to Hokkaido in winter, especially from Dec to Feb, checking weather condition is very important. In case it falls snow, utilizing JR is much better. JR is less affected by bad weather. The earliest JR train departs Sapporo railway station at 6:02 and arrive New Chitose airport at 6:51.

Approximate departure time at each bus stop (Bound for New Chitose Airport)

Sapporo Station:5:15,5:20,5:40
Hokkaido Government Building:5:17,5:22,5:42
Sapporo Grand Hotel:5:18,5:23,5:43
Susukino(Minami4 Nishi3):5:24,5:29,5:49

Official Time Table by Hokuto bus and JR Hokkaido

By official website of Hokuto bus
By official website of JR Hokkaido

Inter city bus pass is available until 27 Mar 2019. This bus pass covers the routes from New Chitose airport to Sapporo. Once you get the pass (JPY 6,000 for 3 days pass, JPY 9,000 for 5 days pass), you can reach 20 cities and more than 100 travel spots in Hokkaido by local buses.

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