Bus stops for airport coach in Sapporo downtown

As my previous post, major options to reach Sapporo downtown from new Chitose airport are JR and airport coach. (You can get taxi at the airport, but Japanese taxi is so expensive that I have not used before. The taxi fare from the airport to Sapporo downtown would be higher than JPY 10,000…) If you choose coach, it is easier to get to your hotel than JR as there are more than 10 bus stops in the downtown.
Two bus companies are operating airport coach currently. The one company, Hokuto kotsu provides a useful website which introduces names of bus stops in the route from new Chitose airport to Sapporo downtown with the city area map.
I prepared the below list which shows the closest bus stops for each hotel referred to the map. Hope the list would be helpful for your trip!

Bus stops for airport coach in Sapporo

Bus stops Hotel
Nakajima Park
*This bus stop is for Sapporo down town direct bus only
Hote Kaiko Sapporo Nakajima Koen, Business Inn Norte, Sapporo Kita Hotel, Hotel Lifort Sapporo, Sapporo Park Hotel, Premier Hotel Nakajimapark Sapporo, Hotel VISTA Sapporo Nakajima Koen, Hotel Resol Sapporo Nakajima Koen, Vessel Inn Sapporo Nakajima Koen, Hotel Show Sapporo, Hotel livemax Sapporo, Art Hotels Sapporo, Hotel North City, Sapporo Excel Hotel Tokyu, Hotel Clair Sapporo, Quintessa Hotel Sapporo, Ibis Styles Sapporo, Hotel Relief Sapporo Susukino
Minami 3 Jo Susukino
or Susukino
ANA Holiday Inn Sapporo Susukino, Mercure Hotel Sapporo, Apa Hotel Sapporo Susukino Ekimae, Daiwa Roynet Hotel Sapporo Susukino, Hotel Ronshan Sapporo, Hotel Route Inn Sapporo Chuo, Sapporo Tokyu REI Hotel, Toyoko Inn Sapporo Susukino Kosaten, Hotel Rener Susukino, Sapporo Tobu Hotel, L'Hotel de L' Hotel, Rechmond Hotel Sapporo Odori, Watermark Hotel Sapporo, Nest Hotel Sapporo Odori, Hotel New Budget Sapporo, Dormy Inn Annex, Dormy Inn Premium Sapporo, Hotel Sunroute New Sapporo, Apa Hotel Sapporo Susukino Ekinishi, Hotel Relief Sapporo Susukino, Marks Inn Sapporo, Apa Hotel Sapporo Susukino Eki Minami, Sapporo Daiichi Hotel, Apa Hotel Sapporo Susukino, Jasmac Plaza Hotel, Tiara Hotel Sapporo Susukino, Weekly Sapporo Annex, Weekly Sapporo 2000, Hotel Annex, Tmark City Hotel Sapporo, Hotel Kaiko Sapporo, Swanky Hotel Ohtomo, Super Hotel Sapporo Susukino, Business Hotel Line, Toyoko Inn Sapporo Susukino Minami
Odori ParkHotel Resoi Trinity Sapporo, Hotel Okura Sapporo, Rasso Life Stage Hotel, Unizo Inn Sapporo
Hotel Monterey Edelhof SapporoHotel Monterey Edelhof Sapporo, New Otani Inn Sapporo, Sapporo Sumire Hotel, Nest Hotel Sapporo Ekimae, Apa Hotel TKP Sapporo Ekimae, Cross Hotel Sapporo
ANA Hotel SapporoANA Hotel Sapporo, Hotel Pearl City Sapporo, R & B Hotel Sapporo Kita3 Nishi2, Toyoko Inn Sapporo Eki Minamiguchi, Richmond Hotel Sapporo Ekimae, Hotel Moterey Sapporo
Sapporo StationJR Tower Hotel Nikko Sapporo, Toyoko Inn Sapporo Eki Kitaguchi, Hotel Gracery Sapporo, Hotel Rote Inn Sapporo Ekimae Kitaguchi, Hotel Norh Gate Sapporo, Century Roral Hotel, KKR Hotel Sapporo
Hokkaido Government BuildingHotel Tokeidai, Hotel Hokke Club Sapporo,
Sapporo Grand HotelSapporo Grand Hotel, Unizo Inn Sapporo
Hotel Resol Trinity SapporoHotel Resol Trinity Sapporo, Hotel Okura Sapporo, Nest Hotel Sapporo Odori
Tokyo Dome Hotel SapporoNakatono Hotel, Sapporo Classe Hotel, Apa Hotel Sapporo, Hotel Bougainvillea Sapporo, Hotel Leopalace Sapporo, Apa Hotel Sapporo Odori Koen,
Sapporo Prince HotelHotel Tetora Spirit Sapporo, Comfort Hotel Sapporo, International Hostel Khaosan Sapporo, Sapporo Prince Hotel
Royton SapporoHotel Sapporo Geibunkan, Royton Sapporo, Hotel Sapporo Yayoi
Keio Plaza Hotel SapporoHotel Livemax Sapporo Ekimae, Hotel Keihan Sapporo, JR Inn Sapporo, Mitsui Garden Hotel Sapporo, Hotel Polestar Sapporo

Basic information for the airport coach (Updated in Nov 2019)

*Ticket price for adult: JPY 1,100(For child: JPY 550)
*Value ticket set
1)”4枚つづり回数券” is a ticket set including 4 pieces of one way trip ticket, which can be also used for two persons on the round trip.
The ticket set price is JPY 4,000 (JPY 1,000 per single ticket)
2)”往復割引乗車券” is a ticket set for one person on the round trip.
The ticket set price is JPY 2,100 (JPY 1,050 per single ticket)
*The first bus from new Chitose airport: 8:40
*The last bus: 22:55
*Buses are operated every fifteen minutes.
*It takes about 70 minutes to 80 minutes from the airport to the downtown without any accident or weather trouble
*Buses from New Chitose airport to Sapporo downtown are operated by two bus companies, Chuo bus and Hokuto Kotsu
*Tickets of Chuo bus and Hokuto Kotsu are valid for both lines
*Tickets including value ticket set are sold at the ticket counter in the airport or by each bus driver

Updated on Jan 2019
Bus stops around Susukino area are a little bit complicated, so let me update some additinal information.

“Minami 3 Jo Susukino” bus stop : For the bus from new Chitose airport to Sapporo central, located on the right next street of Sapporo Ekimae Dori (Street)

Timetable at Minami 3 Jo Susukino bus stop (To Sapporo central)

*There is another “Susukino” alighting bus stop for the bus heading to Sapporo central, but the bus only runs once every an hour.

Susukino” bus stop : For the bus from Sapporo central to New Chitose airport, located on Tsukisamu Dori a.k.a Route 36.

Timetable at Susukino bus stop (To new Chitose airport) http://www.chuo-bus.co.jp/highway.en/airport/index.cgi?ope=chi_pole&trjc=2520&trjs=89

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27 Responses

  1. Kevin Ong says:

    I understand one block away from APA Hotel Sapporo Susukino Ekimae, there is a Bus stop and the bus will go to Chitose airport. Can I know what is the earliest bus at this Bus stop? My flight time is 9.15am, so MUST reach airport at about 7.15am. Thank you

    • snowy owl says:

      Hi, Kevin.
      Sorry for my late reply! I hope you still check here…
      According to official website of the bus company, the earliest bus to New Chitose airport departs near Sapporo railway station at 5:20 a.m and reaches Susukino area (The name of the bus stop for the bus to the airport is “Minami 4 Nishi 3” ) at 5:29 a.m. It takes about 70 minutes from Susukino to the airport under normal road condition. However, when it falls heavy snow, more cars move slowly and sometimes highway will close. Under this kinds of situation, it takes more time to reach the airport. If you go to Hokkaido in winter, especially from Dec to Feb, checking weather condition is very important. In case it falls snow, utilising JR is much better. JR is less affected by bad weather. The earlist JR train departs Sapporo railway station at 6:02 and arrive New Chitose airport at 6:51.

      Time schedule by official website of Hokuto bus

      Time schedule by official website of JR Hokkaido

  2. Mary Yap says:

    Hi. I saw your hotel list for bus stops from Sapporo. I saw Apa susukino ekimae, but not Apa Susukino Ekinishi, could you help me please. Am flying out tom.

    • snowy owl says:

      My reply looks too late for you, sorry! APA Susukino Ekinishi is also located at Susukino area, which is very close to Susukino subway station as well as APA Susukino Ekimae.

  3. Nitin says:

    Can you pls guild me how to go to Sapporo Tokyu REI Hotel from Sapporo International Airport by bus

    • snowy owl says:

      Hi, you can get on the bus at the airport, then would be better to get off at “Minami 3 Jo Susukino” which is located 2 blocks away from your hotel.

  4. Cymphere says:

    Hi what bus travel from Tomamu resort to apahotel sapporosusukinoekinishi? We are family of six adults I think if we take JR it seem fare is higher with reserved seat?
    If our flight is 10am do you think we should stay one
    Night at air terminal but seem the room rate is higher than we stay at apahotel sapporosusukinoekinishi, however we afraid in case of heavy snow the road will
    Close & delay to our departure, pls suggest?

    • snowy owl says:

      Hi, Cymphere.
      According to the website by a private bus company, bus runs from Tomamu to Susukino area one time a day at night. It costs JPY 5,000 per adult. You may ask the company more detail. http://www.access-n.jp/winter2016/skibus/detail/post_11.html
      In addition that, if you stay at Hoshino resort in Tomamu, they prepare buses for their guests from Tomamu to Sapporo city including Susukino area. It costs 4,500 per adult. https://www.snowtomamu.jp/bus/index_en.html
      Do you get an intetnational flight or domestic flight?

      • Cymphere says:

        Hi tks for kind reply, we are taking international flight !

        • snowy owl says:

          Noted. You need to arrive at new Chitose airport before 8:00, so better to get the bus at “Susukino”bus stop (bus stop number S20 or D08) before 6:30. If it falls heavy snow on that day, getting JR from Sapporo station which locates approximately 10 minutes away by taxi from your hotel is better. Any taxi would take you to JR Sapporo station less than JPY 1,000. Once you get JR train, it only takes 37 minutes to new Chitose airport. The earliest train is around 6:15 and each train is operated every 15-20 minutes from Sapporo station to the airport accordingly.

  5. Wendy says:

    Hi there!
    Need your kind reply on a question..
    I will be staying @ Ibis Sapporo but I’m still confused to which station I should alight from New Chistose airport?



    • snowy owl says:

      Hi, Wendy.
      May I confirm if your hotel is Ibis styles sapporo located at Nishi 3chome 10-10 Minami 8jo Chuo ku, Sapporo?
      It looks the nearest bus stop is “Minami 3 Jo Susukino” (Bus stop number S20), which takes 7-10 minutes by foot to your hotel.

  6. Cymphere says:

    Hi may I check again if we stay at Apa sapporosusukinoekinishi how to go “Susukino”bus stop (bus stop number S20 or D08) to New Chitose airport & it takes how long to arrive ?
    Tks always

    • snowy owl says:

      Hi, Cymphere.
      Please kindly see the map at below part of http://www.hokto.co.jp/a_airport_index.htm.
      No.66 is “APA hotel Sapporo Susukino Eki Nishi” which should be your hotel and S20 or D08 bus stop is located approximately 10 minutes walking distance away from your hotel. Regarding bus stop’s location detail, you would better to ask the hotel reception as this map seems a bit complicated. Hope you enjoy the trip!

  7. Cymphere says:

    Tks , appreciate yr kindness & surely will enjoy!

  8. rebecca says:

    could you please guide me hoe to go to APA hotel TKP sappororeki_kitaguchi excellent from new chitose as i will be landed on 08 am on 25 december 2107.
    thank you

    • snowy owl says:

      Hi, Rebecca. You can use both JR and airport coach from new Chitose airport to your hotel, APA hotel TKP sappororeki_kitaguchi excellent which is located at 5 minutes walking distance away from JR Sapporo station. The earliest JR departs from new Chitose airport at 6:56 a.m, on the other hand, the earliest coach departs after 8:40 a.m. Both of JR and coath are usually available every 15 minutes. The nearest bus stop to your hotel seems “Sapporo Ekimae” (Sapporo station).

  9. AC says:

    I found so much useful information in your blog. Thanks a lot.
    Can you please advise me on the use of airport bis economical tickets? I found this on the web : http://www.hokto.co.jp/a_kaisuuken.htm . I am not sure if I can use the 4枚綴り 3,710円, for 2 person on the round trip. or I should buy 2 sets of 1,030円区間往復券 .

    Are you able to advise me on this? Thank you.

    • snowy owl says:

      I’m also glad to have your comment^^
      Yes! You can use 4枚綴り 3,710円, for 2 person on the round trip. (JPY 928 per person for one way trip).
      The 4枚綴り ticket is sold at the ticket counter at the airport or sold by each bus driver, which can be used on both two bus operating companies, Chuo bus and Hokuto Kotsu.
      I will update this info on my post. Thanks!

  10. linna yong says:


    I need to travel to Chitose airport from Nakajima Park. My flight is at 9.35am . So may I know where should I purchase the bus tickets?

    Thank you

    • snowy owl says:

      So sorry for my very late reply! I hope this reply still helps you. You can just pay the bus fare to the driver when you alight from the bus, so no need to purchase the bus ticket in advance.

  11. zoe says:

    Hi, I will be in Sapporo next month & will be staying at
    Sapporo Excel Tokyu Hotel – Minami 8-Jo Nisho 5-Chome 420 Chuo-Ku, Sapporo-hi.
    Can i take Chuo Bus from the New Chitose airport to hotel?

    • snowy owl says:

      Yes! The direct bus from the airport to Nakajima park which is the nearest bus stop to your hotel goes every one hour from 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm. If you miss the direct bus, you can also get the bus to Sapporo downtown and alight at Minami 3 Jo Susukino so that you can take subway from Susukino to Nakajima park. If you have any worry about the bus stop, the service staff at the airport bus counter helps you.

  12. Tammy says:

    Hi, I’m travelling with my elderly mother so would like to find a hotel in near an airport bus stop (we’re coming and leaving from new chitose airport), but also close to susukino station as we need to travel to Otaru for a day trip and need to catch the train from Sapporo station. Which hotel would have the best location for this? Thank you so much!

    • snowy owl says:

      Hi, Tammy. The following seven hotels are within a five-minute walk from the bus stop from/to the airport, yet within a five-minute walk from subway Susukino station.
      1)ANA Holiday Inn Sapporo Susukino
      2)Toyoko Inn Sapporo Susukino Kosaten,
      3)Mercure Hotel Sapporo
      4)Comfort Hotel Sapporo Susukino
      5)Apa Hotel Sapporo Susukino Ekimae
      6)Daiwa Roynet Hotel Sapporo Susukino
      7)Granbell Hotel Susukino
      Note:The location of the bus stop will change slightly between going from New Chitose Airport to Sapporo City and going from Sapporo City to the airport.

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