Eat Hokkaido’s speciality – Genghis Khan

You would find there are many chances to eat delicious seafood when you visit to Hokkaido, on the other hand, may miss some meat during travel around this seafood paradise. If you feel eating any meat, I recommend the mutton and vegetable dish, called as “Genghis Khan” which is known as Hokkaido’s speciality. In general, meats eaten in Japan are beef, pork and chicken, but mutton or lamb are very common for Hokkaido local people. Considering overall Japan, most areas of Japan except Hokkaido don’t provide sheep meat in the restaurants so much, therefore if you visit Hokkaido, I especially recommend you to enjoy “Genghis Khan” at the local restaurant.
There are a few types of “Genghis Khan”. If you are interested in traditional one, a Genghis Khan restaurant, “Daruma” which provides fresh and tender mutton meat with special sauce and fresh vegetables is good choice to enjoy it. “Daruma” has been keeping its original taste since 1956. Mutton meats grilled on clay charcoal brazier are rich and very juicy, which would surely attract you once you taste it.
By the way, “Genghis Khan” is eaten not only at restaurants but also at home. It is grilled on the pan as home cuisine or enjoyed at outside BBQ as party dishes.


Information about “Daruma”
*The most convenient subway station for all branches is Susukino station
*Daruma is very popular for both local people and tourists, so you may need to que and wait for a while. Around 17:00, just the time restaurants open or after 22:00 is better timing to visit if you don’t want to wait for a long time.

Daruma-Main branch
Address: 1F Crystal building, Minami 5 Nishi 4, Chuo-Ku, Sapporo
Open: 17:00-3:00

Daruma-6.4 branch
Address: 1F Noguchi building, Nakadori, Minami 6 Nishi 4, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
Open: 17:00-5:00
*This is the biggest branch which has 26 seats.

Minami 4 Nishi 4 Chuo-ku, Sapporo
Open: 17:00-3:00
*This branch is closest to subway Susukino station and located just behind of Lafiler.

Daruma-4.4 branch 2 floor restaurant
2nd floor of Daruma-4.4branch
Open: 17:00~3:00
*This branch is especially recommended to ladies who mind smoke and smell of grilled meat. Smoke ventilation and lockers are equipped.


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