Blue Pond In Biei

“Blue pond”in Biei became popular after a photo taken at the pond was adopted for wallpaper for Apple Inc. The blue pond looks as if it is painted by blue ink, but it’s natural color caused by hot spring component.

In the beginning of April when snow was still remaining, I enjoyed beautiful scenery of color combination between white by birch & snow, and blue by blue pond.If you go to the blue pond in winter, it’s not blue, but white pond actually.

The blue pond is located to the foot of Mt. Tokachi, therefore snow there is so many that the pond and surrounding trees are all covered by snow white. However, the pond is illuminated during certain period in winter, which shows very special scenery, and not a few people visit especially to see such a romantic view.

By the way, except joining any bus tour, the best way to reach the blue pond is using a rental car. * As a public transportation service, buses run from JR Biei station to blue pond, but the service is very limited that only 4 buses are operated a day.
Biei, this hill town, whose beautiful scenery attracts you all seasons. Every view on the way to the blue pond is also excellent, and driving around the town would make your travel truly memorable.

Blue pond in Biei
Address: Shirogane, Biei, Kamikawa, Hokkaido
* It takes 30 minutes from JR Biei station, 40 minutes from Asahikawa airport and 5 minutes from Shirogane hot spring by car

Biei town tourist information site

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