When to visit Sapporo?

Compared to other areas in Japan, four seasons of Hokkaido is clearly divided. As you may know, winter in Hokkaido is severely cold and continues a long time, but once  become warming, several kinds of flowers are bloomed at the same time, which makes people feel exact spring . Summer in Hokkaido is cooler and more comfortable than in Tokyo or other areas in Japan, but it is short and you would soon feel autumn even late August.
Each season has each good point though,  if I am asked the best season of Sapporo for travel, following ranking is my personal recommend order. It would be greatly appreciated if you refer to this post for your travel planning.


No 1. Autumn (Early Sep- Mid Nov)

The season enables us to enjoy hot spring with watching autumn leaves and is fulfilled with delicious foods. In particular, fresh seafood such as saury fish, salmon and salmon roe are available at the local restaurants and supermarkets at cheap price in Sapporo. If you have plan to visit Sapporo beginning of Nov, I recommend going out to Hokkaido University (North 13 Rd, Chuo-Ku, Sapporo) to see golden color scenery by ginkgo trees.

At Hokkaido university

No 2. Summer (Mid Jun-Aug)

Summer in Hokkaido is very very short. Though it has exceeded 30 degrees for recent years in Sapporo as well, its weather and humidity during summer season is still more comfortable than other areas in Japan. At Sapporo Odori Park located in the central of Sapporo city, outdoor beer restaurants called “Beer garden ” are open from mid Jul to mid Aug every year. Those who have plan to visit Sapporo during this period would have chance to enjoy fresh beer with refreshing night breeze. 

hakko gakuen2

At Hakko Gakuen

No 3. Spring (Early April-Mid Jun)

In Hokkaido where winter continues for a half year, many local people choose spring as the most preferable and happy season. A symbol flower of Spring, cherry blossoms are bloomed in late April in Sapporo, though those are bloomed in late March in Tokyo. Spring is a definitely beautiful season, but there is one caution for tourists who visit Hokkaido between late Mar and beginning of Apr. Due to snow starts melting during this period, road condition is so bad that it is easy to get dirty by many puddles. If you walk around the central town of Sapporo, better to use underpass to avoid uncomfortable matter.

sakura 2 for

At Shiroishi Cycling Road

No 4. Winter (Mid Nov-Early Apr)

Sapporo citizens experience winter for nearly 6 months in a year. Travelers who have never seen snow in their home countries may visit Hokkaido in order to see it, but this season is very hard and it makes local people feel quite long period to spend it…..What travelers need to take care in this season is outfits and shoes to spend comfortably during the travel. I guess most travelers prepare clothes with enough thick to keep warm, but heater of underground and shops in Sapporo works very well, therefore someone may feel too hot if they stay inside all day long. A recommendable way to spend comfortable in Sapporo is layering a few clothes so that you can take off some at anytime. To avoid slipping on the icy road, it is better to buy anti-slip tool to put on your own shoes at any kiosk in new Chitose airport or Sapporo Station.

susukino festival

At Susukino

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