Check Sapporo weather and temperature

When it comes to going to travel, the weather of your travel destination would be one of concerns. Four season in Sapporo is clearly divided and the temperature difference between day and night is considerable, so adequate clothing or belongings are needed to enjoy your travel.
As a rough indicator, most Sapporo citizen wear long sleeves or cardigan around 20 degrees, cotton jacket around 15 degrees and prepare thin coat when it becomes below 10 degrees.Getting further colder like below 5 degrees, most people wear down-jacket or wool coat.
There are a number of websites to check the weather forecast for all over Japan, but the official website by Japan meteorological agency is still most reliable.
Including the weather, you can check current condition of Sapporo city center via a live streaming at Sapporo TV tower

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  1. SOPHIA SIM says:

    i love your blog, had been following closely. are you still working in Singapore? You married to China?

    My family of 4 will be going to Sapporo for holiday in 1st week of December. do you think we have the chance to see snow?

    • snowy owl says:

      Hi, Sophia! Thank you for your lovely comment! I’m now living in Shanghai with my husband who is also from Hokkaido and have lived in Singapore a few years. I’m still missing the hot and nice country!
      By the way, you have chance to see snow in mountain side in Sapporo, and would see it in downtown if it is not melted. Actually, my mother sent message to me that it fell snow even in downtown yesterday. Snow fallen in Nov to beginning of Dec is sometimes melted soon because the temperature is not as low as Jan and Feb, the coldest period in the year.
      I hope you and your family would make good memory in Sapporo. If you have any question, feel free to leave message here. I’m coming back again.

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