Supermarkets at Sapporo city center

Visiting to local supermarkets is one of interesting activities for me when I go travel abroad. Supermarkets in Japan always keep variety of items, so you could just enjoy looking around store shelves even if don’t buy anything.Read More

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  1. Mobidea says:

    Hi, thank you very much for this info!

  2. Huimjn says:

    Hi may i know how to go to Gyomu supermarket Tanuki Koji Branch -業務スーパーすすきの狸小路店- from Odori Station? Cos I can’t find any results googling the directions thank you!

    • snowy owl says:

      Hi, Huimjn.
      Gyomu supermarkets Tanuki koji branch is just located in Tanuki Koji arcade, which is only five min walking distance away from Odori subway station. It is also one block East side from Don Quixote Sapporo branch.

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