Suitable clothing for travel to Sapporo

When you visit to Sapporo, choosing suitable clothing might be one of the annoying matters for you. Weather and temperature in Sapporo are clearly distinguished for four seasons, so checking the weather forecast and preparation of adequate clothing before the travel are strongly recommended. As one of Sapporo local people, let me introduce general clothing for each season.

Spring season in Sapporo: Early April-mid Jun
*Average temperature: 7.1℃ -16.7℃
*General clothing for spring in Sapporo: Long sleeve shirt, skirt/long pants, cardigan and jacket

On Apr, a jacket is still needed. Wearing long sleeve shirt may be enough comfortable for some of you in May and Jun, but you may also feel cold without jacket in the night during this period. Wearing short sleeve is still too early even sometime after Jun.

For Spring

Summer season in Sapporo: Mid Jun-Aug
*Average temperature:16.7℃-22.3℃
*General clothing for summer in Sapporo: T shirt, short pants or skirt (long sleeves are still needed in Jun)

Some days in Jun are still cold in Sapporo, but summer is coming little by little after early Jul. Compared to other cities in Asian countries, the humidity in Sapporo is not high, so you would feel very comfortable for its summer season.

For Summer

Autumn season in Sapporo: Early Sep-mid Nov
*Average temperature:4.9℃-18.1℃
*General clothing for Autumn in Sapporo: Some long sleeves with Jacket or coat

It is the most difficult season to tell what kind of clothes are comfortable. After mid Sep, it is soon to become cold in Sapporo. Temperatures between day and night is largely different during this season, so it would be better to bring jacket or coat to put on any long sleeves. Oct and Nov are recognized as autumn on the calendar, but sometimes you may need winter clothes such as wool cardigan.  In 2015, it fell snow in Oct…

For Autumn

Winter season in Sapporo: Mid Nov-early Apr
*Average temperature:4.9℃(Jan:-3.6℃)-7.1℃
*General clothing and additional items for winter : Down jacket or wool coat, sweater, wool scarf, and wool glovesFor Winter

Winter in Sapporo that you need to prepare for serious cold begins from mid Nov. Outside is very cold, on the other hand, heater well works at the department store and underpass, so you may be surprised with the deference of those temperatures.  When you plan to go to Sapporo city center for shopping whole day, it would be better to wear a coat, wool cardigan and long sleeves so that you can put on or take off own clothes easily.
Underpass in Sapporo

Underpass in Sapporo


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