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Hokkaido local foods and drinks Vol.4

Soft ice cream is very common and you can find it everywhere in Hokkaido. I recommended Hakko Gakuen farmars market in the previous post as my best soft ice cream in Sapporo before. The soft ice cream there is really delicious, but the shop is close during winter season (usually from December to early April) . In addition that, Read More

Hokkaido local foods and drinks vol.2

There are a lot of famous cakes, cookies, chocolates and other types of confectionaries in Hokkaido. Among them, NAMA CHOCOLATE by Royce and SHIROI KOIBITO by Ishiya are bought by tourists as souvenirs of Hokkaido or as one of the most popular Japanese snacks.
Compared to NAMA CHOCOLATE and SHIROI KOIBITO which are sold in other areas in Japan, some snacks with tasty and famous for local people are only sold in Hokkaido. Introduceing here is such local special snacks. Those are eaten by local hokkaido people as familiar snacks for long years, on the other hand, would become suitable souvenirs for tourists as Hokkaido’s specialities

Marusei butter sand
Marusei butter sand is a cookie produced by Rokkatei which is one of the famous confectionary shops in Hokkaido. You can enjoy the taste with rich butter cream and raisins sanded by moist cookies. It has been always ranked in top 10 of the most popular snacks, in other word, “must-buy snacks” sold in new Chitose airport.

Marimo Yokan (Marino shaped sweet bean past jelly)
Marimo Yokan is mainly sold at shops around Lake Akan and some shops in Hokkaido area are also dealing with it. It’s shape is resembling Marimo, one of the nationally protected species in Japan. The taste is similar to traditional Yokan, but this unique shape attracts many tourists. As Marimo Yokan is covered by transparent thin rubber, you need to pierce it by a toothpick as if breaking balloon when you take inside out to eat it. This interesting process for eating is also attracting many people.

Hokkaido local foods and drinks vol.1

Introducing here is some Hokkaido local food we cannot get even other areas in Japan.
Those food only available in Hokkaido is very popular for local people with certified taste, so may be reasonable souvenir to your friends as well as eating by yourself.

Dried Komai fish(むしりこまい)

Komai fish is written as 氷下魚 in Chinese character, which means fish under ice. It lives under cold sea , so is common fish for Hokkaido local people though it would not be popular for most Japanese people. The taste of grilled Komai fish is similar to grilled cod fish as both of them belongs to same classification of fish. By the way, this dried Komai fish is often eat when we drink alcohols as the tast mathes Japanese sake or even beer.
Not a few local people like to dip mayonnaise on it. If you have a chance to get dried Komai fish, I recommend to enjoy both original taste and the taste with mayonnaise!

Dried salmon(鮭スティック、とば)

Dried salmon is also very popular snack in Hokkaido, but uncommon food for most Japanese people. If you like seafood especially love raw salmon, try the dried salmon as well! As you see, the colour of salmon between dried one and raw one is different, so you may not notice the dried one is made by salmon at first sight.
The texture of dried salmon is hard, but the more you bite, the better it tastes!

Both dried Komai fish and dried salmon are sold at convenient stores and supermarkets in Hokkaido.

My best soft ice cream in Sapporo – Hakko Gakuen farmars market

Let me share my favourite soft ice cream in Sapporo in this post because ordinary tourist information doesn’t include it and it’s really really delicious!
The ice cream shop located in a farmers market is operated by Hokkaido Junior College Of Agriculture and it also sells vegetable that farmers working in Sapporo suburbs grow.
Milk used to make the ice cream is just brought from cows which are carefully grew up by students of junior college, and the taste of the ice cream is not like normal vanilla but fresh milk itself.

Most common customers there are local people who has been eating delicious ice cream since childhood. As you may know, fresh milk or ice cream is one of the specialties in Hokkaido, and most of them are very tasty even if you eat it anywhere in Hokkaido. I also agree with an opinion that all ice cream in Hokkaido is much delicious than the one tried in Tokyo or other big cities in Japan, but not a few Sapporo citizens assume ice cream at Hakko Gakuen farmers market is ranked as number one.
The shop is located in Tsukisamu district, a residential area in Sapporo, just 30 min drive away from Sapporo railway station. It is not a big farming area like Furano or Biei, but scenery around the farmers market is as if in a remote area surrounded by nature. Once you visits there, you would fall in love with the environment as well as the taste of soft ice cream !
*Unfortunately, the ice cream is not sold during winter (normally from Nov to mid Apr)

Hakko Gakuen Farmers Market
Address: 1-12, 2-13 Tsukisamu Higashi, Toyohira, Sapporo
Open: 10:00~17:00
*The ice cream is only sold in the period from late Apr to Oct.

Eat Hokkaido’s speciality – Genghis Khan

You would find there are many chances to eat delicious seafood when you visit to Hokkaido, on the other hand, may miss some meat during travel around this seafood paradise. If you feel eating any meat, I recommend the mutton and vegetable dish, called as “Genghis Khan” which is known as Hokkaido’s speciality. In general, meats eaten in Japan are beef, pork and chicken, but mutton or lamb are very common for Hokkaido local people. Considering overall Japan, most areas of Japan except Hokkaido don’t provide sheep meat in the restaurants so much, therefore if you visit Hokkaido, I especially recommend you to enjoy “Genghis Khan” at the local restaurant.
There are a few types of “Genghis Khan”. If you are interested in traditional one, a Genghis Khan restaurant, “Daruma” which provides fresh and tender mutton meat with special sauce and fresh vegetables is good choice to enjoy it. “Daruma” has been keeping its original taste since 1956. Mutton meats grilled on clay charcoal brazier are rich and very juicy, which would surely attract you once you taste it.
By the way, “Genghis Khan” is eaten not only at restaurants but also at home. It is grilled on the pan as home cuisine or enjoyed at outside BBQ as party dishes.


Information about “Daruma”
*The most convenient subway station for all branches is Susukino station
*Daruma is very popular for both local people and tourists, so you may need to que and wait for a while. Around 17:00, just the time restaurants open or after 22:00 is better timing to visit if you don’t want to wait for a long time.

Daruma-Main branch
Address: 1F Crystal building, Minami 5 Nishi 4, Chuo-Ku, Sapporo
Open: 17:00-3:00

Daruma-6.4 branch
Address: 1F Noguchi building, Nakadori, Minami 6 Nishi 4, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
Open: 17:00-5:00
*This is the biggest branch which has 26 seats.

Minami 4 Nishi 4 Chuo-ku, Sapporo
Open: 17:00-3:00
*This branch is closest to subway Susukino station and located just behind of Lafiler.

Daruma-4.4 branch 2 floor restaurant
2nd floor of Daruma-4.4branch
Open: 17:00~3:00
*This branch is especially recommended to ladies who mind smoke and smell of grilled meat. Smoke ventilation and lockers are equipped.